Hi guys!

So, as you’ve probably seen, I have not posted in a hot minute! I just have no motivation, not just to create blog post, I have no motivation for anything! I stopped going to my lectures, seeing friends, my print shop, so much. I do think I’m anaemic so I am going to the doctors about that but I really just need to work on myself so I can get back to doing the things that I love!

I honestly have so many goals and things that I want to achieve, but in this mindset I have no chance! I need to start planning out the things I need to do, so I’ve started using my planner again to make sure I do all the essential things and so I don’t miss any uni deadlines because that’s the last thing I need!

I just wanted to know how everyone stays motivated, tell me everything, I need to know the secret! I’m going to list some of my goals on here so I can’t go back on myself, maybe that will help.

  • Get on top of uni work
  • Attend all uni lectures
  • Aim to write one blog post a week
  • Create more print designs for my shop
  • Market my current prints
  • Create Christmas wax melts
  • Attempt to make some printables
  • Lose 1 stone
  • Start home work outs
  • Eat healthier
  • Actually have a sleep pattern!

I know there are quite a lot of goals there, but there’s nothing too major that I don’t think I can achieve. I’m going to start with the essentials first and work my way through the rest.

I’ll keep you all updated on my motivation journey and how I’m getting on with my goals, please send me motivational wishes! Let me know if any of you guys struggle like me and comment some of your goals so we can all support each other, let’s end 2018 on a high!

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