How to Make the Most of Your Summer as a Student

Hi guys!

So, we’re nearly at the end of June, nearly a third into our Summer! I realise that this post probably should have gone up a few weeks ago, but I’ve been on holiday (if you haven’t realised from all the Instagram posts and stories!), so please forgive me. I wanted to give you guys a few ideas of what to do with your Summer, so when it comes to September you have just as many stories to tell as everyone else doesI have to admit, I am very much guilty of this; I once watched every season of Lost, taking up my whole Summer, that was literally all I did! But now, being the older and wiser person I am (I wish), I have come to the realisation that there is nothing more valuable than time; it’s something you can never get back. So, with that, here are some ideas of what you can do with your summer!

DISCLAIMER: As I am a student, the ideas provided are maybe more “suitable” for a student, or someone of a similar age, however, anyone can do them!


I think this is an important thing to do anyway, not just in Summer, but as you will have a lot of time to spare, why not catch up with friends or visit relatives? Being at university, I don’t get to see my friends and family that often, so I take advantage of this opportunity and try to spend as much time as possible with these people! My friends and I will often go out for food or drinks, or sometimes just to someone’s house to watch films, it doesn’t have to be anything expensive – all of my friends are at university too, so we all understand the student money probs, leading me on to my next point.




A part-time job can be a source of income whilst still allowing you with the free time to go off and spend this money, not to mention it’s something to put on your CV, something which is constantly on my mind as a student! This year instead of a part-time job, I have a paid summer internship, so basically I am working full time for 8 weeks in a job related to my course, meaning I get the money and the experience for my CV, pretty good for a student!


This might not appeal to everyone, I never used to enjoy the idea! I currently volunteer throughout the year as a mentor for children who have run away from home, this is slightly related to my course, but I mostly do this for personal reasons. Volunteering is a great way to fill your time with something useful, you will be giving back to the community and building yourself as a person. I really want to volunteer at an animal shelter (not even remotely related to my course or any future career!), as animals are a big passion of mine and it would be great to spend my time helping look after them. If the idea of giving up your time and not receiving any money doesn’t appeal to you, volunteering is great if you are applying to jobs, employers love to know about your personal life/hobbies, and it says a lot about you as a person if you volunteer.





If you do get a part-time job, you will have a bit of money to see you through the Summer and allow you to do some fun things with friends. I have one more holiday, a camping trip and a festival planned for the upcoming months (as well as my internship), but you can literally do anything, maybe a road trip, visit a theme park, explore a new place, get creative! Don’t let your Summer slip away, make the most of it while you can, make memories, take photos, laugh hard, smile… a lot!!



I hope you all have an amazing Summer, whatever you’re doing. Your time is precious, don’t waste it.


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