In-Flight Essentials for Short-Haul Flights

Hi guys!

Seeing as I go on holiday on Wednesday, I thought it would be fitting to let you know what things I think are a necessity when packing my hand-luggage for a flight. Before writing this, I took to the internet to have a little nosy at what other people think are in-flight essentials and I was a bit surprised. I feel like a lot of them were not honest, they were very over the top and I would hardly consider them “essentials”, I mean, I don’t think essential oils are the first thing I would think to pack, yes, someone feels that essential oils are a necessity for flying… I guess I can’t judge, I’ve never tried it, it could be life-changing to my whole travel experience, but we’ll never know because I’m not going to whip out a little bottle of oil and start rubbing it all over myself in a cramped plane.

The whole flying experience gives me anxiety (I’m not using that as an expression, I actually do have anxiety, especially when it comes to flying), so I try to make my experience as stress-free as I can, meaning I don’t pack unnecessary things in my hand luggage and I am very prepared, in terms of checking the liquid allowance beforehand, putting all my liquids into a clear plastic bag and making sure I know what items are and are not permitted in hand-luggage before going to the airport, it just makes everything more efficient, meaning I can get in and out of security without any delays. Sorry about the long introduction, let’s get into my essentials!


travel essentials
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Passport – This is a no-brainer, it’s always the first thing I pack! Losing my passport is always something I am always so worried about; buying something in duty-free and leaving my passport at the till is something I’ve imagined myself doing so many times.

Travel Documents – Usually, when travelling with my family, or a big group of friends, I am never the one in charge of the travel documents as I just don’t trust myself with them! However, over the past year, I’ve been going on more holidays with just one other person, this time it’s my boyfriend, and although I worry about myself losing the documents, I’ve felt more responsible than the other person I’ve I’ve been with (especially my boyfriend!), so I’d much rather be the one to keep hold of these.

Travel Wallet – This is just to keep all the important things in one place, making everything easier to grab out of your bag, again making the whole process in the airport a lot more efficient!


travel wallet
Credit: Weheartit


Electronics & Entertainment

Phone/Book – Personally, I take both, using my phone to listen to music on Spotify and to watch films I’ve downloaded on Netflix, but once I get bored of that, I move on to my book. I always buy a new book every time I go on holiday, I just love having the memory of a holiday tied to a book, whenever I look at it or re-read it (on a rare occasion), it just reminds me of everything I did on my holiday, taking me to happier times!

Camera – I don’t actually pack this to use on the flight, I like to pack it in my hand-luggage just to keep it safe, you never know what could happen to any expensive/important items in your suitcase.

Earphones – Obviously for music and Netflix!

Portable Charger – Your phone battery is likely to be drained by the end of the flight and you’ll probably have more travelling to do once your off the plane, so packing a portable charger just allows you to listen to music and watch Netflix as you please.




Hoodie & Thick Socks – I always get so cold on flights, so these are just to keep me warm and make me feel comfier!

Hairbrush & Bobbles – If I want to get really comfy, I’ll tie my hair up, out of my face.

Glasses & Sunglasses – I suffer from headaches quite frequently (part of the reason I wear glasses), and flying tends to dehydrate you, so I just pack these to try to reduce the chances of getting one. The sunglasses will really depend on what time you arrive at your holiday destination, if you get there in the middle of the night, there’s not much point in packing them.



I feel like this might be my longest post yet, but it’s nothing compared to other “in-flight essentials” I’ve read! This is an honest post, I actually pack all of these things when going on holiday. What are your in-flight essentials? Are you that person packing essential oils? Or are you someone who packs the bare minimum? Also, let me know if you find flying hard, and if so, do you have any tips? Thanks for reading!




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