How to get Organised

Hi guys!

No matter what you do day-to-day, be it working 9-5, or a full-time student, or a full-time mum, organisation can make your life so much easier. Organisation was always something I used to struggle with, I would constantly forget homework in high school or someone’s birthday, or to take that chicken out of the fridge like my mum asked me to (who else relates? *eye roll*). I realised that I had to do something to get on top of my life and become that person who remembers everything. I would say I am very organised now, to the point where it’s actually annoying. So, here a just a few things I do to keep on top of my life.

1. Use a planner

I only recently started to do this, you may know this if you read my previous blog, but I have found it really helps me remember everything. I put everything in my planner, from my plans on a certain day, to reminding myself to wash my clothes, EVERYTHING goes in my planner. Sometimes I’ll run out of room on a day, so I’ll add sticky notes with extra plans/reminders. Having this to check whenever you want is so amazing, you’ll thank yourself later when you have managed to complete everything you wanted to. An additional bonus to owning a planner is you get to tick off each reminder once you have completed them, which is honestly, the best feeling ever. It’s quite ironic how, at a first glance, inside my planner looks like the complete opposite of organised. I end up adding extra notes on to plans that were already written in, making it look a complete mess, but it’s organised mess! These ones clearly aren’t mine, they’re too neat and Pinterest-y looking, but I thought they would add to the blog aesthetic!

2. Make lists

I use the “stickies” app on my mac to create all of my notes and keep them on my desktop, so whenever I open my laptop, the first thing I see are my lists. At the moment I have 4 sticky note lists on my desktop, more than what I would usually have. My first is a list of “to-do’s” to achieve an award with uni, I still have 2 yet to complete, so this sticky isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. My remaining 3 sticky notes are packing lists; first a holiday packing list, then a hand-luggage packing list and finally, a packing list for my house, as I am moving out of my student house for summer. Without these lists, I know I’d probably end up on holiday without suncream, or I’d move out of my house and realise I’d left a favourite blanket. I’m such a forgetful person, believe me! Last year, I travelled for 2 hours to Wales, for a wedding, only to realise that I had forgotten my dress, an hour before the ceremony started. Long story short, we had to drive back to Manchester for my dress, and then back to Wales for the rest of the wedding, I will never live that fiasco down.

todo list
Credit: weheartit

3. Wake up early

I have to admit, I have only started doing this since working full-time, however, once you’re in the habit of doing this, it is amazing. I’m not going to lie to you all, I am definitely someone who loves sleeping, I used to get home from uni at 2pm and sleep until 5pm, wake up, and then go to sleep for the night at 11pm. Waking up early is all about lifestyle, I recently found out I am anaemic and wheat-intolerant, hence the immense tiredness. However, after I found this out, I have changed my diet and started taking supplements and I can’t tell you how much better I’ve felt. If you are feeling tired, first think about what you are eating, you need to fuel your body properly in order for it to function how it should. Anyway, back to waking up early, I get up about 7/8am on the weekends and I am normally out of the house by 9am, I get so much more done this way and it stops me from being late to seeing people or for any appointments. If you struggle to wake up early, coffee always helps!!

Credit: weheartit

Obviously, these three things aren’t exactly going to turn your life around overnight, you need to want to get organised as well, however, these are definitely a good starting point. Let me know how you get organised yourself, or if you do any of these things, and if so, do you find them useful too?


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