Uni Essentials for First Timers

Hi guys!

As soon as I received my offer for uni, 2 years ago, the first thing I did was start to plan all of the things I was going to buy. I’m that annoying type of person who writes a list for everything, so it was time to start my “uni shopping list”. Obviously, I’d never been to uni, so I didn’t know everything I’d need; I knew the obvious, pots, pans, plates, cutlery etc, but I wanted to buy those things everyone else would forget (easy way to start a conversation when I get to halls). So I took to the internet and scrolled through endless shopping lists to make sure I was 100% prepared for this next step in my life. Obviously, I’m not going to list everything I bought, as a lot of it is pretty obvious, but here’s a few you may want to consider.


I packed a whole folder of photos and the first thing I did when I was left in my room by myself, was put them up on the wall. Uni rooms are pretty bare and ugly, so it’s a good idea to bring photos to make your room more “yours” and can also help with the home-sickness. I also hung some fairy lights around my photos, just to make my room feel cosier and make it mine.


2. A Clothes “Airer” (or whatever you call it)

Washing your clothes in halls is pretty expensive, so why would you want to pay double to dry them when you can do it in your room? This one’s kind of up to you, it depends whether you think it is worth paying the extra to get your clothes dried, or whether you don’t mind bending around your “airer” every time you need to get past. Either way, I wouldn’t know which one is more worth it, I used to get my dad to wash and dry my clothes, then drop them off for me #brat :). So, this one is totally your call.


You never really appreciate slippers until you’re a student! Need to take the rubbish out? SLIPPERS. Need to go grab that pizza you ordered? SLIPPERS. Need to venture into your disgusting kitchen? SLIPPERS. I’m telling you, slippers are so underrated, they are actually a godsend to all students. There are going to be so many chunks of dried out food and bottle caps on your kitchen floor, which nobody will clean FYI if you walk in there barefoot, you’re definitely going to catch something. Slippers save students’ lives.

4. A Planner

I never started using one of these until second year, and honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t start using one sooner. My planner is such a necessity to my life now, not even for uni, I use it for everything. In first year, I found myself forgetting work all the time and doing it half an hour before my seminar, or just winging it (I still do this, but I knew I had the work, I just couldn’t be bothered doing it). I feel so much more organised now, I get all my work out of the way during the week so I can do whatever on the weekends and I’m much less stressed than before.


5. A Railcard

After getting accepted to your union choice, it has probably dawned on you that you’re going to be away from all of your friends and family. I found my railcard to be so useful, it has allowed me to go home for £2, meaning I can literally go home whenever I want. I also got a return ticket to Glasgow from Manchester, to spend a weekend with my friend from high school, for only £13. A lot of student bank accounts offer you a student railcard, I got mine through Santander, to be honest, it was the only reason I chose them for my account. Your railcard gives you a third off normal ticket prices. Even if you don’t think you’ll use the train, I can guarantee now you will.

These are just a few things I think have been really useful in uni so far. Obviously, there are so many other things you need for uni if you want me to post my own uni shopping list, leave me a comment!


One thought on “Uni Essentials for First Timers

  1. Hi, there somehow your comment ended up in my Spam folder I think it’s because of the link. Your post is great and I’m still relatively new to blogging also. Hopefully, you follow me back. If not I don’t mind. Take care and keep blogging.


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