Thoughts on Happiness

Hi guys!

So, for my first blog post, I thought it would be good to talk about happiness, more specifically, what makes me happy. I think it’s important to identify and understand what makes you happy and once you’ve found it, do more of it, as long as it’s something you enjoy and you’re not harming anyone, there’s no problem! When I’m having a down day, or I’m just not feeling like doing anything, I’ll do one of these things to help my mood and use them as a “pick me up”.
I’ve always seen my bedroom as my happy place. I always like to keep it de-cluttered because any mess stresses me out, big time. I like a minimalistic bedroom, mostly white with quite a lot of space. However, I do like to add things to my room to personalise it and make it feel more homely. First I love a good-smelling candle, Yankee is always a good shout. My bed is never without a big blanket and a collection of cute cushions, so whenever I’m having an off-day, I can just bury myself in it and watch Netflix. A recent purchase for my bedroom was a salt-lamp, I think I have read somewhere that there are actual benefits to owning one of these lamps, but I just bought it because I think it looked really nice and would make my room look cosier.
Just looking at any animal instantly brings a smile to my face. I would honestly much rather see animals every day than humans. Being at university, this one is a little harder to do every day, as my dog is at home. However, I do have 2 pet rabbits that I keep at my dad’s house, which is only 20 minutes away from me, which isn’t too bad. But my rabbits just don’t always do it for me (mean, I know), so I often find places I can visit, be it a dog shelter, a park with a pond, a farm, a sanctuary, you name it, I’ve probably been. I realise this may make me seem a bit weird, I’m not a crazy animal lady, please believe me.
Credit: weheartit
I’m constantly listening to music, mostly to block out other noises, or to help me to focus on something. I like to listen to music that brings back good memories, like the Catfish and the Bottlemen album reminds me of a time when I spent the weekend in Glasgow with my friends. Listening to music like this just makes me think of these times and instantly puts me in a good mood. If you’re in a bad mood, I always feel like music is a good distraction as it prevents you from overthinking.
Credit: weheartit
These are just a few things that make me happy, there are obviously many more, food is the main one. Let me know what makes you happy! Life is so much better when you’re happy, so choose happy!

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